kService Lineupl
1) Corporate strategy development, mid-term management plan design
2) New business startup support
3) Assistance for business expansion outbound from/inbound to Japanese market
   -Feasibility studies
   -Marketing strategy design
   -Development of business partners and negotiation (e.g., suppliers and sales agents)
   -Office establishment, registration, accounting, taxation and legal matters
4) IPO preparation, IR activities
5) English/Japanese translation, interpretation, editing, proofreading
6) Design of corporate brochure, website, and business documents. (English/Japanese)
kService Lineup and Standard Feesl
-Project scope, staff, term and fee for achieving client objectives are determined in reference to the standard found below.
-Payments such as office rent, goods purchase, and outsourcing are excluded and are estimated separately.
-5% for expenses and 5% consumption tax are added to the consultation fee.
Service Item Major Activities Standard Fee
1) Preliminary Market
-Overview of market size and trends through to secondary research -Information regarding major players/competitors and features -Identification of differentiation factors, added value and KSF. US20,000-
2) Cross-border
Market Entry Support
-Planning and development of new products/services
-Feasibility studies of profitability
-Action plan design, team organization, project management and recruiting
3) Japan Local Office
-Incorporation of local office in Japan and office establishment
-Development of administrative functions (accounting, taxation, legal issues)
-Formulation of operational process for providing product/service
-Partner development such as sales agents and suppliers.
4) Support for Attending
Industry Exhibition
-Preparation for attending local exhibition held in target market
-Joint attendance during the exhibition, partner development and negotiation support
5) Management Strategy/
Operation Plan Design
-Development of management strategy/operational plan
-Current business analysis through interviews and quantitative target setting
-Action plan design and issues identification for achieving goals