Brainstorm Worldwide, Inc.
-Making International Businesses Happen-

[Objectives of Brainstorm Worldwidel
-To facilitate cross-border market entry by leveraging cross-functional teams based on our independent network, and achieve client goals
-To provide professional services at a fee that is affordable to new entrants
yTo facilitate Japanfs globalization by assisting cross-border market entryz
Language and Japanfs unique business customs are high barriers for those considering cross-border market entry, both inbound to and outbound from Japan. Brainstorm will provide hands-on assistance for international businesses and help globalize Japanese businesses.
yTo utilize multicultural staff and nurture an entrepreneurial spiritz
In constructing multicultural and multifunctional professional networks and fostering entrepreneurs keen for new business creation, we plan, strategize and execute new businesses applicable to diverse people, irrespective of race, nationality and cultural background.
yTo provide high-quality professional services at a reasonable feez
Professional assistance is essential for international market entry in order to manage language barriers, local customs, and regulatory issues. But these services can be quite expensive for new entrants.
We will offer high-quality services rivaling those of larger firms at a reasonable fee by organizing experienced, independent pros.
yTo create new business styles through collaboration among independent prosz
Nowadays many people are leveraging their professional skills, experience and knowledge to become independent.
We will facilitate the organizing of professional networks, build a project team to achieve clientsf unique goals and realize high-quality and efficient new business styles.